Long Range Vehicle Identfication System
Our range of advanced, high-speed, long-distances Automatic Vehicle Identification System, now includes the hands free solution from NEDAP and the cost effective RANGER series by Farpointe, working seamlessly together with Apollo hardware to provide you with a complete personnel and vehicle access control system.

Nedap AVI system offers the ultimate in fast and secure long-range vehicle and driver identification based on RFID technology and features automatic identification from distances up to 10 meters (33 feet) even when a vehicle is travelling at high speed. Vehicles are automatically identified without any action required by the driver thus providing maximum user convenience.

Farpointe's Ranger series offers cost effective long range identifications for long range access control applications. Ranger features multiple channel, easy to carry around clickers for exceptionally long and secure distance activation, with an adjustable read range of up to 150 feet (46m) ! Moreover, the same clickers can be used at any Farpointe reader as a secured credential to open doors !

Our AVI system has been implemented in many different operations around the world where vehicles are needed to be identified as part of a comprehensive system to provide: Enhanced Security, Convenience & Efficiency.
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Transit Standard AVI reader.
Window Button
Ranger Long Range Transmitters and Receivers
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WRR-42 Receiver
1-Channel Transmitter
4-Channel Transmitter
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Smart Card
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