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Apollo's program for effective access control for system with up to 8 doors. Used only with the APN-35 door controller, this software has big system features in a small package done in a simple way. It provides all the necessary functions needed in an access control system without the price. Time zones, Access levels, automatic reader mode change, auxilliary outputs mapped to arm/disarm an alarm system including simplified Time and Attendance, all found here in this small wonder of a package. Single office or multiple sites, the ASW software packages support both local and /or remote sites via TCP/IP connection to the APNs controllers. Automatic and timed synchronization propagate data across all the sites. Complete independent operation at each APN means data redundancy and independent operations; the remote sites need not be continously connected to the host for operation.
APACS Integrated Access and Alarm Management Program
The Apacs program is designed to be a truly integrated access and alarm management system meant for use in bigger systems with our AAN-32 and AAN-100 multi-doors controller. The Apacs comes in 3 different packages, all capable of being set up for multi-users, multi-site configuration using the Windows platform and currently supports the following DB engines; Interbase SQL, MS SQL and Oracle. The 3 packages offers different software capabilities for economic reasons but features like Elevator control with feedback, Time and Attendance, Alarm management and Internal inputs to outputs mapping are standard on all 3 packages. Please click on the link below for more detailed information.
Apacs Lite
Apacs Standard
Apacs Pro SU
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Multi-site management program
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Apacs Pro MU
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